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Play Server Chess

Absolutely no software to download and install. Everything happens in your own browser! Log on to the ICCF chess server using the ID# and Password we supply, select My Games, make your next move(s) on the graphical interface and log off. The server automatically notifies players via email when an opponent has moved, eliminating the need to log on / off the server looking for opponents' latest moves. Note: do not disable "email notification" in your player profile, but do select "remember ID and pasword" on the logon screen (requires "cookies" enabled in your browser!) Be sure to keep your email address up-to-date in your player profile (never displayed for public viewing.)

We strongly recommend players new to server play read CCLA's "Server Rules" and "Server FAQ". Our pages on server chess rules and server chess faqs are designed to answer many if not most of your questions and help make CCLA server chess a positive experience. If you have additional questions, please use the CONTACT link.

Notice: the current Grand Prix
Contest ends 03 / 31 / 2017.
2016 - 2017



Leaders as of 02 / 28 / 2017
Complete list of Grand Prix participants in point order.

CCLA Server Chess

- Open Events -

Regular Quads. Open year 'round to all players rated 1800 and below. Four-player section, two server chess games per opponent. Play begins when section is filled. Entry fee $6 per section, multiple entries permitted.
Entry  deadline: enter anytime!

Premier Quads. Open year 'round to all players rated 1600 and above. Four-player section, two server chess games per opponent. Play begins when section is filled. Entry fee $6 per section, multiple entries permitted.
Entry  deadline: enter anytime!

CCLA Server Chess

- Seasonal Events -

CCLA North American Server Class Championships - a one or two round server chess event, depending on number of entrants. There are four rating classes , A, B, C and D. Classes C and D may be combined, depending on the number of entrants. Each winner of a round one section and all players scoring 75% or better advance to the final round of their class. First place prize $20. Entry fee $8. Pairings may be single or double round robin, depending on number of entrants in the class.
Entry  deadline: April 15th.

CCLA Server Championship (ICCF Rules) - played using ICCF rules and allows use of chess engines. It will not be rated by CCLA. This is an annual server chess tournament consisting of the eleven highest-rated CCLA applicants, paired as a single round robin (one server chess game against each opponent). Prizes: First place $50, second place $25 and third place $10. Entry fee $10.
Entry  deadline: April 15th.

CCLA North American Server Championship (CCLA Rules) - annual server chess tournament open to players rated 2000 and over. This server chess championship is rated by CCLA and may be one or two rounds depending on the number of entrants and involve one or two server chess games per opponent depending on the number of players in a section. Prizes: First place $50, second place $25 and third place $10. Entry fee $10.
Entry  deadline: April 15th.

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Sign-up for CCLA tournaments using PayPal ... it's fast, convenient and safe. Click on the PayPal icon above to access your existing account / open a new PayPal account. Sign-up for server tournament entries  as well as new memberships and renewals via PayPal. Note: Online Payments to CCLA are processed through PayPal's Secure HTTPS Website!

The ICCF-US logo appears on The Friendly Post, a publication devoted to arranging matches between USA and other countries
"The Friendly Post"

The latest news about ICCF-US Friendly Matches from around the world - Issue 18, December, 2016. Back issues are archived on the ICCF-US website: click "Features", then "The Friendly Post" in the drop-down menu.

Paul D. Shannon, perennial favorite in CCLA's Grand Prix Contest, photographed at his chessboard

Paul D. Shannon** (pictured above,) Errol Acosta, John Smail & Leonids Dreibergs are CCLA players currently featured in Highlights.

Questions about

"Advanced Chess" ?

Although we use the ICCF server, consulting chess engines for selection of your moves in live games is prohibited in CCLA tournaments. However, if you are signing-up for ICCF Friendly Matches, or any other ICCF tournament, be aware ICCF rules are different than CCLA's. Be sure to review the ICCF Web Rules beforehand. Caution: unlike CCLA events, use of chess engines to help select moves in live games is condoned in all ICCF events.

Do not be naive about this fact: your ICCF opponents will be playing advanced chess and are using the latest chess engines as well as the most up-to-date computer hardware money can buy. If you are not thoroughly prepared for this type of competition you will lose the vast majority if not all of your games. For additional insight be sure to review Advanced Chess   -   Hints to Get Started and our Chess on the Server blog.

*** NEW *** 

Visit the HIARCS Chess Forums for today's hot topics and discussion of advanced chess issues. GM Arno Nickel is forum moderator (note: you will need your ICCF ID# to access the ICCF section of the forum.)

Official Staunton pattern chess pieces pictured on to Play Chess

How to Play Chess

Are you just learning to play chess? If so, here's good news. CCLA offers a How to Play Chess Tutorial, indexed by topic: Glossary of chess terms, 24 Standard Tactics with live pgn demos, 25 Standard Checkmates with live pgn demos and, for advanced students, a comprehensive study plan for the endgame, plus a link to FIDE's Rules of Chess. For veteran players, reviewing chess fundamentals is worthwhile, especially the endgame.

Important: all players must understand the Laws of Chess, CCLA's Rules of Play and be able to read/write standard chess notation before entering CCLA tournaments. Please review our complete description of all CCLA server chess tournaments.

Why not become a member of CCLA and enter a server chess event today?

CCLA chess ratings are based on your actual tournament results in CCLA events. Past rating and result lists are archived for convenient search.


02 / 28/ 2017
RatingNr. of 
ClassPlayers   %
Master  5812.2
Expert  8517.9
Class A  9319.6
Class B10021.1
Class C  6213.1
Class D  5912.4
Class E  18 3.8

World CC Championship

ICCF's World Championship 28 has concluded — Leonardo Ljubicic was declared winner several months ago. All games from this section may be replayed in our PGN viewer. PGN gamescores are also available as a convenient download. Note: ICCF's bulky time-keeping data has been removed and ECO codes added. Enjoy!