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CCLA Server Events ...
 Gustafson Memorial
Open Tournament

Don’t miss out on the fun - sign up today! Entries are already coming in. Upon his death in 2008, Herbert W. Gustafson left a generous bequest to CCLA. In recognition, CCLA holds the biennial Herbert W. Gustafson Open Tournament starting October 15th in even-numbered years. Note: this event is only open to residents of the United States and Canada. No CCLA Membership Required ... No Entry Fee! Sections will be formed in order of rating, each section having four players playing two games against each opponent. (Note: there may be some five-player sections to accommodate all entrants.) $19 in CCLA credits awarded to each section winner (split in case of a tie). Prize credits may be used toward CCLA membership dues or entry fees into other CCLA events where CCLA membership is required. Only one entry per person.   Please email your entry to the CCLA Business Office and include your name, rating (please specify organization), email address, and ICCF ID# if you have one.
Entry deadline: October 15.

Annual Events with
Scheduled Start Dates

 Server Series - There are two seasonal tournaments, the Winter Server Series and the Summer Server Series. Entry fee $6 per section, multiple entries permitted. One round. No prizes. Entrants grouped by rating. Players paired as either a 7-player single round robin, or as 4-, 5- or 6-player double-round robins. Total number of games played will be six to ten, depending on number of entrants and pairing option.
Entry deadline: July 15.

Open Entry Events

 Regular Quads. Open year 'round to all players rated 1800 and below. Four-player section, two server chess games per opponent. Play begins when section is filled. Entry fee $6 per section, multiple entries are permitted.
Entry:  enter anytime.

 Premier Quads. Open year 'round to all players rated 1600 and above. Four-player section, two server chess games per opponent. Play begins when section is filled. Entry fee $6 per section, multiple entries are permitted.
Entry:  enter anytime.

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all CCLA members!

Here is your chance to boost tournament participation in our upcoming Gustafson Open server tournament (see full description at left.) Where else can someone enter a major event with prize money in every section and with no entry fee and no CCLA membership requirement? Help us get the word out - it's free - tell all your ASPCC, USCF and ICCF chess friends who are residents of the United States or Canada. And don't forget to sign-up yourself!

A dozen reasons to
play server chess here!

•   Convenient. Play server games on desktop, tablet or iphone.
•   Easy to use. No complicated software to download, install or update. Everything happens right in your own browser.
•   Log on the server, select My Games, make your next move(s) in the graphical chess interface and then log off. It's that easy!
•   The server automatically notifies players by email when a new section starts and / or an opponent has played a new move, eliminating the need to log on and off the server, looking for opponents' latest moves.
•   100% free access to both CCLA web sites - all content - no annoying log on required. is mobile friendly!
•   No intrusive pop-ups, ads, screen highjacks or app stores. CCLA doesn't sell anything and doesn't accept any commercial advertising.
•   No cookies, tracking codes or web bugs (see privacy statement.)
•   No anonymous opponents or fake user names - CCLA players use their real names.
•   Membership in CCLA includes your choice of a quarterly printed magazine or pdf version delivered via email.
•   Contact CCLA using regular email. No irritating Captchas or log-ins required.
•   Updated CCLA ratings, results and Grand Prix standings are published monthly.
•   Not FIDE, ICCF or USCF rated? No problem! CCLA will assign your initial rating so you can begin server play right away.

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to Robin Selby's Snowbirds for winning Div. II of the 2017-2018 Server Team Championship.
Official Staunton pattern chess pieces pictured on to Play Chess

Are you just learning to play chess? Use our link to FIDE's official Rules of Chess. Do you know the Arabian Mate, or the X-ray attack in chess? CCLA offers a How to Play Chess Tutorial, indexed by topic, Glossary of chess terms, 24 Standard Tactics with live pgn demos, 25 Checkmate Patterns with live pgn demos, Mate-in-2, Mate-in-3 and Mate-in-4 Puzzles and a comprehensive study plan for the many types of endgames.


New chess players must understand the Laws of Chess, CCLA's Rules of Play and be able to read and write standard algebraic chess notation before entering CCLA tournaments. New server players are encouraged to review our Server Faq, Adjudication FAQ and, of course, the CCLA Server Rules of Play.

graphic of stacks of gold coinsANNUAL GRAND PRIX  CONTEST
2018 - 2019

Prizes are $100 for 1st, $50 for 2nd, $30 for 3rd, $20 for 4th and $10 for 5th.

Final Standings (2017 - 2018)
as of 03 / 31 / 2018
Congratulations to our Prize Winners!
NEW Standings as of 04/30/2018
Grand Prix page lists all participants in GP point order.

Grand Prix Contest Rules

When you enter any CCLA event you are automatically enrolled in the Grand Prix.

Final standings are based on results from 04/01/18 - to 03/31/19. Wins count +3 pts, draws +1 pt. Note: results from matches with foreign teams are not counted.