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CCLA Server Chess

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About Us

CCLA is the original U.S. affiliate of ICCF, the world governing body of correspondence chess. Today, CCLA Server Chess aims to provide North American chess players with competitive chess play using the ICCF web server. Our mission is to promote friendly chess play by correspondence and to assist aspiring players of all rating classes into officially sanctioned national and international competition.

Under our Met League program, CCLA members may also organize teams from club or community affiliation and challenge other teams to matches played on the ICCF webserver.

CCLA also organizes "friendly matches" with teams from other countries; games are unrated and strictly for fun and experience with international play. We also provide access to official international competition, including a qualifying path toward the world correspondence chess (ICCF) championship. Server chess is the dominate venue today and CCLA has created this second website to promote online chess play.

CCLA Server Chess is a part of CCLA (Correspondence Chess League of America), founded in 1909. CCLA continues to offer the full range of correspondence chess venues, including email and postal chess, in addition to the growing server chess program.