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CCLA Server Tournaments are played on the ICCF Webserver. Time Limit unless otherwise indicated is 40 days/10 moves. Internet access is needed to make moves and a valid e-mail address, registered with ICCF, is required in order to receive official communication about your games, as well as automatic notifications when your opponents have moved. Note: CCLA membership is required to play in all CCLA server tournaments except the biennial Gustafson Memorial, open to residents of the USA and Canada only. You may also choose to participate in ICCF-US events, international tournaments & "friendly matches" sponsored by ICCF.

Please make sure your e-mail address is up-to-date on the server, to avoid missing a tournament start sheet or opponents' move notices. If you do not have an ICCF ID#, let us know before you enter your first CCLA server tournament, so we have time to get you registered. We need your first name, middle initial (optional but recommended), last name and the e-mail address where you would like move notifications sent. This address is held privately  and used only to send you official e-mail from the ICCF Webserver or from the CCLA Server T.D. concerning your games.

Annual Events with
Scheduled Start Dates

1.  Seasonal Server Series - there are four seasonal tournaments, Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer Server Series. One round. No prizes. Entrants grouped by rating. Players paired as either a 7-player single round robin, or as a 4-, 5- or 6-player double-round robin. Total number of games played is six to ten, depending on number of entrants and pairing option. Multiple entries permitted.
Entry fee $6 per section.

Entry deadline - (Fall): Nov 15.

Entry deadline - (Winter): Feb 15.

Entry deadline - (Spring): May 15.

Entry deadline - (Summer): Aug 15.


2.  CCLA North American Server Class Championships - this is a one or two round event depending on the number of entrants. There are four rating classes , A, B, C and D. Classes C and D may be combined, depending on the number of entrants. Each winner of a round one section and all players scoring 75% or better advance to the final round of their class. First place prize in the finals is $20. Pairings may be single round robin or double round robin, depending on number of entrants in a class.
Entry fee $8.
Entry deadline: April 15.



3. CCLA Server Championship (ICCF Rules.) New event in 2014! It will be played using ICCF rules and allows the use of chess engines. It is not rated by CCLA. This is an annual tournament consisting of the eleven highest-rated CCLA applicants, paired as a single round robin (one game against each opponent). Prizes: First place $50, second place $25 and third place $10. Entry fee $10.
Entry deadline: April 15.   

4. CCLA North American Server Championship (CCLA Rules) - is an annual tournament open to players rated 2000 and over. This championship is rated by CCLA. The event may be one or two rounds depending on the number of entrants and involve one or two games per opponent depending on the number of players in a section. Prizes: First place $50, second place $25 and third place $10. Entry fee $10.
Entry deadline: April 15.   

Biennial Special Events

1. CCLA Server Team Championship (Played in Odd-Numbered Years) - this is one of our most popular events. Teams will consist of six players. Team and individual applications accepted. If you apply as an individual we will assign you to a team based on your rating and a team's needs. The number of divisions, teams per division and games played per opponent depend on the number of entries. Teams are assigned to divisions based on the average team rating. Each player plays one or two games against opponents on his board (Board 1 plays all other Board 1 players, etc.)
Entry fee $8.
Entry deadline: October 1.

2. Herbert W. Gustafson Memorial (Played in Even-Numbered Years) - this special event is named in Herbert W. Gustafson's honor. When Mr. Gustafson passed away in 2008, he left a bequest to CCLA to support chess events like this, a semi-class event with sections of four players with two games per opponent. All games will be by server, with no chess engines allowed. The tournament is open to all residents of the United States and Canada, with no CCLA membership requirement and no entry fee. The prize for winning a section will be a $19 credit that can be used only for CCLA membership dues or, for CCLA members, as entry fees to CCLA events. Section prize is split in the event of a tie.
Entry fee: none
Entry deadline: October 15.

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