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A dozen reasons to play your server chess here!

• is mobile friendly! Play server games on your desktop pc, tablet, iPad or iPhone.
•   Convenient and easy to use. No complicated software to download, install or update. Everything happens in your own browser or handheld device.
•   Log on the server, select My Games, make your next move(s) in the graphical chess interface and log off. It's that easy!
•   The server automatically notifies players by email when a new section starts and / or an opponent has played a new move, eliminating the need to log on and off the server, looking for opponents' latest moves.
•   100% free access to both web sites and "Chess on the Server" blog - all content. No annoying log ons required. We never demand a credit card number.
•   No intrusive pop-ups, banner ads, screen highjacks or app store. CCLA doesn't sell merchandise or accept commercial advertising.
•   No cookies, tracking codes or web bugs (see our privacy statement.)
•   Players must use their real names -
no anonymous opponents or fake user names. No chess engines allowed in our Traditional tournaments. Engines may be used in Advanced Chess events.
•   Membership includes your choice of a quarterly printed magazine or pdf version sent via email attachment. Our bi-monthly email newsletter is free...send your email address to the business office.
•   Contact us using your own email program. No irritating Captchas, online forms or log-ins required.
•   Updated chess ratings, results and Grand Prix standings are published monthly on our websites, quarterly in Chess Correspondent magazine.
•   Don't have an established chess rating? No problem! If you don't have a FIDE, USCF or other traditional numeric rating, just pick your class (A,B,C,D or E) and CCLA will assign your initial rating so you can play right away! Please check out rating classes on our Rating System Explained page.

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CCLA Downloads

All 2019 server games have been completed and are available for download, either by section or a file of total games.

Coming in February ...

Winter Server Series - there are four seasonal tournaments, Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer Server Series. One round. No prizes. Entrants grouped by rating. Players paired as either a 7-player single round robin, or as a 4-, 5- or 6-player double-round robin. Total number of games played is six to ten, depending on number of entrants and pairing option. Multiple entries permitted.
Time limit: 10 moves/30 days.
Entry fee $6 per section.

Entry deadline - (Winter): Feb 15, 2021

North American Server
Class Champions

Brian Hey wins the 2019 Server North American Class A Championship.

Grand Prix

When members enter any Traditional CCLA event (postal and server events) they are automatically enrolled in our Grand Prix Contest. Final standings are based on results from 04/01/20 - to 03/31/21. Wins count +3 pts, draws +1 pt. Note: results from foreign team matches are not counted.

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Prizes: $100 for 1st, $50 for 2nd, $30 for 3rd, $20 for 4th and $10 for 5th.
Standings as of  10 / 31 / 2020

Our Grand Prix page lists Grand Prix Contest Rules and all participants to date, in GP point order.

Entries wanted

(Chess engines allowed)

We have players waiting for sections to fill! See Advanced Chess events for tournament descriptions. Caution: members with current Traditional games must complete them before switching to the Advanced Chess group!

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Basic Chess Instruction

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"White on the right" and "Queen on her color." Are you just learning to play chess? Use our link to FIDE's official Rules of Chess. Do you know the Arabian Mate or the X-ray attack? CCLA offers a free How to Play Chess Tutorial, indexed by topic, Glossary of chess terms, 24 Standard Tactics with live pgn demos, 25 Checkmate Patterns with live pgn demos, Mate-in-2, Mate-in-3 and Mate-in-4 Puzzles and a comprehensive study plan for many types of endgames.

Note: New players must understand the Laws of Chess, CCLA's Server Rules of Play and Postal and Email Rules of Play and be able to read and write standard algebraic chess notation before they enter tournaments. New server players are strongly advised to review our Server Faq, Adjudication FAQ and the Server Rules of Play.



Server games are playable in our live chess viewer, and also available as downloads by year. Any completed section may be obtained as a pgn download by clicking the section #.
     World Correspondence Chess Championship (1st — 30th) games are playable in our live chess viewer and also as pgn downloads by event number.
Latest Rules Changes!
Postal / Email and Server Rules

•   All CCLA Server Events now have Scheduled Start Dates
•   Rules 3c, 6 & 11 have been revised. These changes apply to all new server sections beginning March 5, 2019.

•   As announced in our July-Sept issue of The Chess Correspondent, CCLA play is being reorganized into two separate groups, Traditional (no-engine) and Advanced Chess (chess engines allowed,) with each group having its own events, ratings and results lists. The "Top3" engine detection system has been implemented for Traditional chess, and playing rules for Postal & Email Chess and Server Chess have been revised. Tournaments structured for Advanced Chess, both postal and server events, will be available after January 1, 2020. No player may appear on both rating lists and no player may participate in both groups; the new system requires a clean cut-off. Players choosing to switch to Advanced Chess are urged to complete their existing games before entering an Advanced Chess section; CCLA expects an orderly transition, not chaotic mass withdrawals from current games in progress. Obviously players intending to switch when their current games are finished should not enter additional events — this will delay your transition to the other group. We will update Postal and Server events pages as soon as the CCLA Board of Directors finalizes details.