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Grand Prix

Current Standings

Enter any traditional CCLA event (server and/or postal) and you are automatically enrolled in our current Grand Prix Contest. Prize winners will be determined by results from April to March. Wins count +3 pts, draws +1 pt. Note: results from foreign team matches are not counted. Prizes are $100 for 1st, $50 for 2nd, $40 for 3rd, $30 for 4th, $20 for 5th, and $10 for 6th through 10th places.

Standings as of June 2024

Larry Kleine32
Duane Catania19
John Chirillo18
Douglas Hadley18
Jarod Harris18
Ansel Metz18
Aaron Anderson16
Glenn Ruiz16
John Smail16
Franklin Castle15
Renato Dominguez15
Pablo Moujan15
Luis Nunez14
David Castellani13
Tom Greco13
Neil Hodgkins13
Amil Mann13
Edward McLaughlin12
Will Siegfried12
Ronald Taylor12
Brian Acebo10
Dillon Ringo10
LaMont Rouse10
William Smiley10
Gary Branton9
Vincent Catania9
Ethan Civan9
James Flesher9
Edward Gunning9
Ron Zarges9
Alexander Cacas8
Lelan Cont8
Neil Cuykendall7
Randall Woodfield7
David Blumberg6
Jose Jimenez6
Lance Schuttenhelm6
Christopher Wood6
Don Wade5
Michael Butler4
Stanley Evans4
Thomas Laaman4
Glenn Tripp4
Dale Anderson II3
Bryce Avery3
William Baumer3
Byron Berger3
Michael Holsinger3
Connor Izard3
Lev Lamech3
James Modesitt3
Robert Silverman3
Jason Smith3
Daniel Wheatley3
Del McClure2
Brennan Price2
Hannelore Catania1
Jeffrey French1
Brian Hey1
Rich Strelecky1
Dennis Weimer1