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Membership Renewals

Use this page to renew an existing membership. Drop-down menu is below, click [\/]

After making your selection, click on the PayPal button immediately below

and follow instructions. You will receive an email confirmation from PayPal. If you have questions about your order, use the Contact link below. Please consider this a thank you from CCLA - we appreciate the opportunity to be of service!

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CCLA Membership Renewal rates:

1-YR, from Jan-Dec (Ezine) - $ 12.00
2-YR, from Jan-Dec (Ezine) - $ 22.00
3-YR, from Jan-Dec (Ezine) - $ 30.00
1-YR, from Jan-Dec (2nd Class) - $ 20.00
2-YR, from Jan-Dec (2nd Class) - $ 38.00
3-YR, from Jan-Dec (2nd Class) - $ 54.00

If paying by mail, send check or money order payable to: CCLA, 1154 Dayton Dr., Galesburg, IL 61401-1313 U.S.A

   Please do not send cash.